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Discover Cars Rental Review 2023: Pros, Cons & Affordability

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It’s time for your holiday; you’ve decided where you’re going and how you’re getting there but now it’s time to rent your car. Since there are numerous rental companies to choose from the best way is to review and compare: enter Discover Cars. 

We love using Discover Cars and since we recommend them a lot throughout our website, we thought it would be wise to tell you why. We also wanted to provide you with some reasons you might not want to use Discover Cars!

I won’t sugarcoat it for you, there are always pros and cons to using a 3rd-party website like Discover Cars but as long as you’re aware of the booking policies, understand the rental documents and read company reviews, you’re booking will go smoothly. 

Discover Cars Rental Review: Are They Trustworthy?

My rental review of the MG3 from Discover Cars

In this article, I’m going to provide a rental review of our experience using Discover Cars to answer a common question: are they trustworthy? 

I’m going to highlight the pros and cons of the company and provide you with all the information you’re going to need to make your own booking. Throughout the article, I’ll also answer a few common questions people like you, and me, have when renting a vehicle.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, however, all opinions are my own.

Company Overview: What Is Discover Cars?

“World Travel Tech Awards – World’s Leading Car Rental Booking Website 2022”

Discover Cars homepage

First up, let’s dive into what Discover Cars actually is. If you’re new to them they are a fantastic (in our opinion) 3rd-party online car rental company. So, of course, we feel they are trustworthy since we’ve had nothing but good experiences with them. 

Founded in 2013, the company’s mission is to “be the world’s most reliable car rental platform by creating a seamless vehicle rental experience by making the booking process clear, effortless, and enjoyable”.

Now, you might be wondering what exactly a “3rd-party company” means. It just means they are the middleman between hundreds of car rental companies, worldwide. 

Discover Cars is associated with a huge selection of rental companies, including the bigger names such as Avis, Budget, Hertz, Sixt, and Europcar. But, they also feature lesser-known local companies which is where you’ll find the better deals!

The great thing about this is that they compare prices from various companies to snag you the best deal out there. It means no need to hassle with direct bookings or searching through countless websites to find the best deals; they do the comparison for you. 

Review Question: What sets Discover Cars apart? Well, it’s more than just a price comparison site! You can also grab car insurance directly through the booking process; ensuring not only affordability but also steering clear of any nasty surprises when it’s time to pick up your ride.

Your Car Rental Options

Although we generally stick to smaller cars, Discover Cars do have a variety of vehicles available to suit all budgets and travel preferences.

You can easily select the type of car you want from the carousel at the top of the website once you’ve selected your pick-up destination. 

The carousal of cars on the Discover Car website

Explore what types of cars are available for rent with Discover Cars:

✔️Standard Cars

This refers to small, medium and large cars which are usually the type that we opt for. Mainly because they are the most affordable options but for Jack and I renting a small car is also the perfect size for the two of us. 

These cars will generally fit 3 to 4 people, although the smaller cars do tend to have limited space for luggage, so keep this in mind if you’re heavy packers!

✔️SUVs & Vans

Good To Know: As far as I can tell, the Discover Cars platform refers to minivans as vans and they don’t appear to rent commerical vans. So there’s no using Discover Cars to book your removals I’m afraid!

If you are looking for a larger car, which is what you’ll need if travelling with children or in a larger group then the SUVs and (mini)van options will be best suited with plenty of space. These comfy 4WD are perfect if you’re travelling longer distances along windy roads! 

Within this category, you’re also going to find your heavy-duty vehicles such as Jeep Renegade, Jeep Compass and Volkswagen Tiguan. Perfect if you’re heading into the mountains for a bit more of an adventure.

✔️Premium Vehicles 

The final type of car you’ll see on the booking platform is the Premium Vehicle. These are great if you fancy splurging and want something fancier than your standard economy car. You’ll find a selection of vehicles, usually including Alfa Romeos, Audis, BMWs and Mercedes-Benz.

✔️Manual Or Automatic?

Which do you drive? Although it’s possible to get both options you’re more likely to be offered up a manual car in Europe. We drive stick over here and it’s unusual to have an automatic, although they are slowly becoming more popular. 

Pro Tip: So, it’s always a good idea to tick for your preference in the filters to ensure you don’t book the wrong transmission! In countries such as the U.S., Canada and Australia you’ll get automatics pop up first. 

What About Electric Cars?

Discover Cars also offer electric cars. These are better suited to the cities if you’re travelling longer distances consider hybrid vehicles.

Honest Review: My Experience Using Discover Cars 

Before we move into the pros and cons of using Discover Cars I want to quickly jump in with my honest review of the rental company. 

My last rental was a small car which I decided to hire instead of catching the train up to visit my friend in Lincoln, UK. Travelling from London, it’s over a 3-hour journey and since we sold my car a few years ago (to fund some travelling) the journey now requires extra planning.

The rental company was Green Motion.

Green Motion Rentals in London

Luckily, for this particular trip, Discover Cars reached out to me and asked if I would write a review, noticing I regularly recommend them on my website. This was something I was excited to do and so I agreed to a sponsorship. 

Even so, this is still an honest review and my truthful opinion of Discover Cars. However, since we’ve already had great experiences with them I don’t think they were too concerned with a bad review!

So, What Do We Think?

Well, you’ve probably already guessed that we love Discover Cars. From our experience, we have found Discover Cars to have a user-friendly platform with good affordability and a wide selection of vehicles

Although each rental company have their own policies we have not had any major issues and in fact, found them to be consistent and lenient (to a degree)

“Discover Cars is our go-to car rental company and I hope you have the best experiences with them, as we have”.

For example, for this last hire, I was caught in traffic on the way back to London which meant I was 45 minutes late in returning the car. I called the rental company ahead of time to let them know the issue and they told me not to worry. 

Although this is down to the individual rental company and not Discover Cars themselves, they seem to associate with only reputable companies making them more understanding when things go wrong. 

I love the fact you can purchase full coverage through Discover Cars, (more on the insurance policy below) and that you have the option to pay in full online or upon arrival paying only a pre-payment online. 

One thing I was a little shocked about on my last rental was the deposit which was steep at £1,200. But, I was notified about this on the Discover Cars website. They pride themselves on full transparency and indeed we’ve never incurred any hidden charges.

Usability: Booking Process

The Discover Cars platform/website is so easy to use, it’s one of the things that kept us going back. For me, usability is key when I’m making a booking, I don’t want any fuss; with Discover Cars it’s possible to make a booking in 5 steps.

That said, one downside is that you can’t search for a specific car, but apart from that usability is great. 

Discover Cars Search Results page from my rental review

How do to make a reservation, and is a deposit required? Yes, a deposit is required. This will vary depending on individual rental companies.

  • Step 1: Head to
  • Step 2: On the homepage select your pick-up/drop-off location and pick-up date. Ensure you’ve selected your country of residence and age before hitting “Search Now”.
  • Step 3: Browse through the Discover Cars search page; they make searching simple as each vehicle has a summary box where you can check the reviews and rental documents before clicking “View”.

A few positive features on the search page include pop-up features such as the expansion of the ratings as you hover over the reviews, the rental documentation tabs which provide clear details and the information pop-up boxes.

Discover Cars pop-up features from my rental review
  • Step 4: Once you’ve selected your car you’ll be taken to a booking page where you can review the details. It’s on this page you’ll have the option to select full coverage and any optional extras such as additional drivers, GPS, baby seat etc.
  • Step 5: The final step is secure booking. You’ll be sent a Discover Cars Voucher which is what you’ll need to show when you pick up the car. We always have this saved on our phone after the confirmation email comes through, it doesn’t need to be printed.

What You Need To Pick Up Your Car

From experience, most rental car pick-ups are a breeze. Discover Cars make it easier by having an online check-in where you can save time at the rental desk by filling out your information online. 

You’ll still need to make sure to have all your essential documentation and IDs ready before you set off though! 

✔️ A valid driver’s license (and International Driver’s Permit if driving in a
foreign country).
✔️Credit or debit card (credit cards offer more security and not all rentals accept debit cards)
✔️Your DiscoverCars booking voucher (a screenshot is fine)

Discover Cars Rental Locations

Review Question: How many rental locations does Discover Cars have, and are they convenient for your trip? No matter where your wanderlust takes you, Discover Cars has got you covered in nearly 150 countries worldwide! 

Promising the best possible deals for an unforgettable journey you can pick up a vehicle from locations all around the world such as Argentina, Bahrain, Colombia, Costa Rica, France, Hawaii, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Panama, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United Kingdom and U.S.A

This is just a handful, the list goes on…

The Pros Of Renting With Discover Cars

Let’s dive into why renting a car while travelling is the way to go. Seriously, it’s the ultimate ticket to staying flexible and embracing your wanderlust. You’re the boss of your itinerary and you’ll get to explore those hidden gems and discover those off-the-beaten-path adventures!

Discover Cars have a boatload of benefits when it comes to reserving your dream car, so I wanted to share some of the top reasons why we absolutely adore using this company.

1. Affordability & Transparency

Discover Cars offer an affordable and honest experience that’s hard to beat. 

That said, the one thing I wanted to explain in this Discover Cars rental review is that although we find them to be affordable, they are not always the cheapest at the onset. 

The reason for this is they don’t play the “hidden fees” game like some other sites. What you see is what you get – no tricks, no surprises. They take pride in being transparent and upfront with their customers. 

Review Question: What are the rental rates at Discover Cars, and are there any discounts or promotions? Yes, Discover Cars do offer discounts and promotions, these align with supplier offers and are updated throughout the website accordingly. In the case of rental rates, there is no set rate as these are set through each individual rental company. 

Information gathered from the website explains the offers in more detail:

“This happens particularly in the low season in some destinations and during times in which various suppliers have special promotions. Rest assured, the prices we display are the same as those you’ll pay when picking up the car”.

2. Compares Numerous Rental Companies

Discover Cars is like an online rental matchmaker! They compare prices from a heap of rental companies, offering you a vast selection of cars. The thing that’s great about this is that they partner with local gems as well as well-known industry players like Avis and Budget.

This is a good thing because it caters to everyone’s travel preferences. 

The comparison feature saves endless hours of research. Say goodbye to searching through individual companies and having numerous browsers open trying to compare cars over multiple websites…

…Cause’ who can be bothered with that faff? Not me!

Review Question: Why are Discover Cars so cheap? It comes down to the selection of rental companies Discover Cars partners with. The smaller companies offer more affordable rates. But, you gamble reputability with affordability – for some, this might be an issue and that’s why Discover Cars partners with well-known brands too. You have options!

3. User-Friendly Platform

I touched on this above but it really is a user-friendly platform, navigating through the website is a breeze. You don’t need to be a tech whiz as their interface is designed with the user in mind. 

The booking process was fast and easy.

Thibault (from Trustpilot)

To make a booking there are literally only 5 steps and some genius even created pop-up boxes to explain things further. I love this feature! It’s clear, concise and helpful, the perfect platform.

Good To Know: Discover Cars also has an app. It’s available for both iPhone and Android.

4. Free Cancellation Policy (48 hours)

Review Question: What is the company’s cancellation policy, and will you get a refund if needed? We get it – plans change, and life happens, but so does Discover Cars! That’s why Discover Cars comes to the rescue with its incredible 48Hr Free Cancellation Policy

This policy is great if you need to change your travel dates or cancel your reservation. It means you’ll avoid penalty fees within a generous 48-hour window. But to be clear, it’s more often than not you’ll be given a voucher with the same value to use with Discover Cars rather than the actual money credited back to your account. 

Pro Tip: They do sometimes still credit your account. You’ll need to contact them by email or phone directly to arrange this.

With this cancellation policy, you’ll have the flexibility to adjust your plans without any added stress so you can book with confidence, knowing you have the freedom to adapt as needed.

“Our trip was cancelled and therefore the car reservation wasn’t needed anymore. Harry from helped me to get the reservation cancelled with the refund returned to my credit card. Will book with them again if I have the chance.”

Martina (from Trustpilot)

5. Full Coverage Insurance Policy

Love, love love this feature! Vacations are all about enjoying the journey and having a relaxing time, right? So you’ll want peace of mind and a reliable car that’s going to get you through your holiday, trouble-free.

One fantastic perk of booking with Discover Cars is their full coverage insurance for your rental car. For less than £10.00 a day, they’ve got you covered with up to £2,600 / $3,300 for damages and expenses! 

How trustworthy are Discover Cars? They offer a unique full coverage insurance to make you feel safe

This is a unique feature as most comparison websites won’t allow you to purchase insurance like this through them. This makes Discover Cars super convenient as you don’t have to deal with insurance separately; it’s automatically connected to your booking. 

This level of service is priceless and one of the reasons we recommend Discover Cars to our readers! 

6. Clear Rental Details & Reviews

Another fantastic feature is how you can review each car individually. This is possible to do on the search page so you don’t even need to click on each car. 

Hover over the rating and it will show reviews such as overall value for money, car cleanliness, overall condition of the car, and so on. I would recommend you search for cars with an overall score of 7.5 or above.

How trustworthy are Discover Cars? You can check rental reviews on their website

On top of that, once you’ve selected your car the rental details are clear and straightforward. 

From the nitty-gritty specifics to all the must-know details such as where to pick up your car, business hours, drop off location and so on, Discover Cars have got you covered. 

Again, the usability of this platform is top-notch!

7. 2x Payment Options

Flexibility is the name of the game! Discover Cars believes in giving you options, so they offer not one, but two payment methods.

✔️Partial Prepayment: Part of the rental price is payable at the time of booking and the rest is payable at pick up.
✔️Full Prepayment: The full price of the rental is payable at the time of booking. You can cancel for a refund up to 48hrs before booking.

Pick the payment method that suits your style and embark on a worry-free rental experience. It’s all about convenience, and they’ve got it covered!

8. 24/7 Customer Care

Review Question: How is customer service, and is there 24/7 support available in case of emergencies? If you’ve got a question about your booking or need some travel advice Discover Cars offers round-the-clock support. Their friendly team of experts is always on standby, ready to guide you through any bumps in the road. 

Good To Know: If there are any discrepancies between the displayed price and what the rental company charges at pick-up, don’t worry. You can reach out to their awesome support team, and they’ll work their magic to sort it out as best they can.

The Cons Of Renting With Discover Cars

While Discover Cars have many pros, it’s essential to be aware of the downsides before renting with them. Being aware of these cons will help you make an informed decision when choosing to rent with Discover Cars. 

As with any rental service, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons based on your specific needs and preferences.

9. Long Refund Process

Although we’ve not had to request a refund I have noticed, from reading reviews, that the refund process takes a long time. This has caused some issues with customers not receiving their money until after a long period of time. 

With this in mind, I reached out to Discover Cars and asked them what caused the delay in refunding. 

“We always try to solve every case faster than the maximum time frame, it is a bit slower in the summer season when everyone actively travels, but we make sure that every case has received full attention”Discover Cars

Although the refund process is long, it seems (from reading reviews) that most people do receive their refund, eventually. 

A Full Coverage claim investigation and refund process should take up to 28 calendar days. However, if additional information is required, the refund process may be extended for another 28 calendar days. In truth, it seems like this is taking much longer.

The Takeaway: If you were to require your refund immediately I would suggest you use another company with a quicker turnaround. However, I also think this is quite difficult to find and really, you shouldn’t be renting a car if this would be a potential problem. 

10. Fewer Offers & No Membership Deals

While Discover Cars offer competitive prices, some of you might find that the number of discount offers available is not as extensive as you had hoped for. 

You won’t find too many offers or discounts like you do with other rental sites but you also won’t be hit with hidden fees and costly surprises when you pick up your vehicle.

It’s also worth noting that unless you’re renting a car frequently or for a longer term, it’s unlikely these deals will be of use to you. Most offers come directly through long-term rentals and membership deals and through larger independent companies such as Sixt and Budget, for example. 

Secret Deals which pop up on 3rd-party sites are also extremely risky as they are often filled with hidden fees. With Discover Cars you know what you’re paying for and when.

11. Local Companies

Discover Cars offer a wide range of rental options, including from smaller and lesser-known companies. While this can be great for finding unique deals, it may also mean some of you are going to be less familiar with these companies and their services, which can be worrisome.

Discover Cars do this to provide their customers with the best deals out there. But, to counterbalance, they also partner with a wide range of well-known brands

It’s really a case of your travel preferences as to which company you choose. The point is, you can choose!

The larger more familiar companies provide peace of mind, however, they are likely to be more expensive. The little guys, on the other hand, are likely to provide a cheaper alternative. 

Discover Cars is all about providing you with options and that’s why they partner with a range of suppliers.

Pop Tip: The number one rule when renting a car is to read the reviews. Do a little background research, this goes for the smaller companies and the larger ones too!

12. Short-Term Rentals Are Penalised

Renting for just one day is super expensive when compared to multi-day rentals. But then again, who rents a car for just one day?

I did a quick comparison when I was booking my rental for Lincoln. I was trying to decide how long to visit my friend, but in the end, the decision was dependent on the rental cost. 

For example, and just out of interest, I looked at a 1-day rental which would have cost me $76.49. I was really weighing up between a 3 to 5-day visit since Lincoln is far from London! 

The 3-day rental cost $90.58 while a 5-day rental was $125.81.

The difference between the 1-day rental and the 5-day rental is huge! It’s only $49.32 more expensive to have the car for an extra 4 days! So, of course, I went for 5 days.

It works out to about $25.00 a day instead of $76.49 over a 5-day period.

13. Younger Drivers Are Penalised

With Discover Cars, drivers under 25 are likely to be charged a young driver fee. This cost is dependent on each supplier as they have their own policy but it’s common across most companies to have a fee.  

With the company I used, Green Motion, their young driver fee is set to $63.64, however, the insurance remains at $16.28. At age 20 vehicles stop becoming available. I did a quick check to see if this was common practice in nearby cities such as Manchester, Paris and Barcelona.

It appears it’s just a UK thing as both European countries supplied vehicles to 18-year-olds! The UK also appears to have a higher than usual young driver fee. Other companies were showing $39.00 and upwards, averaging around $45.00. 

Pro Tip: When you search for a car rental on the website, enter the age that the main driver will be when picking up the car at step 1, and you’ll be shown only the cars you can rent. 

14. No Rental Extension (Through Discover Cars)

It is not possible to extend your booking through Discover Cars after you’ve picked up the car. 

The good news is, if you need to extend your rental before picking up the car, you can usually do this through Discover Cars. You’ll need to message them, and if possible, they will arrange to extend your booking for you.

If you have already started your booking and decide you want to extend you’ll need to contact the car rental supplier directly and follow their procedures. Discover Cars can’t extend a booking that has already begun.

That said, you can extend your insurance policy. The website states, “If you have Full Coverage with us and you have extended the rental with the supplier, you need to message us and extend the coverage as well so you’re fully protected for the remaining period of your rental”.

Personally, this isn’t a huge drawback but it does make things more time-consuming id anything, especially since you’ll have to ensure your insurance and rental are updated through different companies. 

Rental Policies & Documents

Always review the terms and conditions of your rental agreement and ask the rental company for clarification if needed.

Now we’ve covered the pros and cons, it’s time to understand the company’s terms and conditions for renting a car. This varies from supplier to supplier as it’s not actually Discover Cars that set precedence. Remember, they are just the middleman!

That said, for the likes of you and me, it’s essential to understand what the rental policy and conditions are to avoid any surprises or issues during the rental period. 

Discover Cars have thought of this and have provided a really great feature – easy-to-digest rental documents. These Rental Conditions can be found quickly and easily, and clearly outline the most important information.

Helpful features on the Discover Car website from my rental review

Pro Tip:  You’ll find the Rental Conditions on the search page under the car image. By clicking on the link, a pop-up feature including driver requirements, security deposit, payment policy, protection, cross-border policy, and further rental conditions will open. 

Rental Conditions To Consider

Even though renting a car can be a fantastic addition to your travel plans it’s important to make the best decisions to have a smooth rental experience. 

The rental conditions vary per company and so I would advise you to view each set of rental conditions individually. The below highlights a run-through of typical conditions, but be sure to check what applies to you! 

Driver Requirements

Most car rental companies set a minimum age requirement for renters, typically around 21 or 25 years old. Younger drivers, usually under 25, seem to encounter a young driver surcharge due to perceived higher risk.

A valid driver’s license is also a fundamental requirement. Some companies might need you to have held your license for a certain period, often one to two years, to ensure adequate driving experience.

Review Question: Is there an age requirement for renting a car with Discover Cars, and what type of license is accepted? The Website states The maximum age you can be and still be able to rent a car depends on the country (or state) in which you would like to rent. The best way to find the answer to this question is to enter where you’ll be when you pick up the car when searching”.

Security Deposit & Excess

Car rental companies often require a security deposit to cover potential damages, fines, or unpaid fees. Understanding this policy is crucial to managing your finances during the rental period.

The security deposit amount varies, and it’s often held on a credit card in the renter’s name. This deposit is released after the rental period, assuming no issues arise.

For me, I had a security deposit of £1,200 which I thought was a little steep. It’s more usual for this fee to be around £500 to £1,000 per rental period. However, this is dependent on each provider.

Consider your excess too. The term “Excess” in car rental refers to the amount of money that you are responsible for paying in case of damage, loss, or theft of the rental vehicle. 

It’s the portion of the claim that you need to cover before the rental company’s insurance kicks in to cover the rest. 

For example, if the excess amount is $500 and the rental car sustains $1,000 worth of damage, you would be responsible for paying the first $500 (the excess), and the rental company’s insurance would cover the remaining $500.

Pro Tip: Check rental documents to find out what security deposit/excess you need to pay. 

Payment Policy

Familiarising yourself with the payment policy ensures a smooth transaction and helps you understand the financial aspects of your rental agreement. In this Discover Cars review, I noted there are two payment options available – full and partial payment, make sure you’re selecting to right one for you! 

Pro Tip: Most rental companies prefer credit cards for payment and security deposit. Some might accept debit cards or cash, but credit cards are usually more convenient.


Rental car insurance and protection options are vital to safeguard against unexpected events. Knowing what’s covered helps you make informed decisions. More on the Discover Cars Insurance Policy and what’s already included from your rental provider below!

Cross-Border Policy

If you plan to travel across borders, be aware of the rental company’s policy regarding international travel. Not all companies allow for cross-border travel so you’ll need to check if it’s possible and if any additional fees or documents are required. 

Some rental companies might have restrictions on international driving.

Review Question: How can I request cross-border permission with Discover Cars rentals? The Website states, If the supplier allows crossing borders, you can usually request permission when you pick up the car (though some suppliers require advance notice to be able to have the documents ready). Either way, make sure you get permission beforehand; otherwise, you may be charged a penalty and lose any coverage your car has”.

A roundabout in the UK

Discover Cars “Full Coverage” Insurance

“Damages to the car can always happen no matter how good of a driver you are or even when the car is safely parked. For peace of mind, we suggest including our Full Coverage protection on all of your car rentals.”

Discover Cars

Review Question: What is Full Coverage? I keep mentioning the full coverage in this rental review, so here it is – it’s an extra deal that Discover Cars offer to ensure that you’re covered if anything goes wrong. It works alongside the coverage you’re already getting – like Collision Damage Waiver, Theft Protection, your credit card’s security, or your own car insurance.

It just means if anything happens like dings, scrapes, cracked windscreen or even a swipe you’re going to be covered, up to $3,300

Pro Tip: Even with Full Coverage, you’ll still need to leave a deposit with the car supplier when you’re grabbing the keys!

Full Coverage Inclusions

This Discover Cars rental review wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t deep dive into their Full Coverage Insurance Policy, so here we go:

Review Question: What does the insurance cover, and are there options to reduce the excess amount? I’ve listed everything the insurance covers below. If you want your excess to reduce, an increase in your security deposit will often occur. 

Full Coverage covers all of the following, (I’ve taken this straight from the website to ensure it’s correct and not misleading):

Good To Know: Full Coverage applies to risks indicated on the Website at the moment of purchase. These risks are also listed in the “My Booking” section on the Website and on the Voucher sent to the Renter. 

Full Coverage Exclusions

 Full Coverage does not cover the following, (again, taken straight from the website):

How to Request Compensation With Discover Cars?

Review Question: How do I make a Full Coverage claim with Discover Cars? The website states, “To file a Full Coverage claim, visit the My Booking section and file a claim in the Full Coverage section within 28 days of dropping off the car or the date on which the rented car broke down or was damaged or stolen.” 

In order to receive compensation under Full Coverage, a claim must be submitted through the My Booking page (you can also email them), but it has to be within 28 calendar days of the drop-off date or the date on which the rented car broke down or was damaged or stolen. 

Electronic copies of the following documents must be provided.

How Long Does A Claim Take

Review Question: How long does a rental claim take with Discover Cars? Within the terms and conditions, it states, “The Full Coverage claim investigation and refund process takes up to 28 calendar days. If additional information is required, the refund process may be extended for another 28 calendar days.”

Keep in mind, if you do not contact Discover Cars and do not provide any documents or evidence within the specified time period, the case will not be considered and no compensation will be paid!

A Review Of Discover Cars’ Additional Fees

Review Question: Are there any additional fees, such as for additional drivers or GPS rental? Discover Cars is an affordable 3rd-party comparison site. However, there are a number of things which can increase the cost of renting with Discover Cars, here’s a quick review:

Optional Extras

When renting a car, you’ll often have the option to add extra features to enhance your experience. These can range from GPS navigation and child seats to additional insurance coverage, allowing you to tailor your rental to your specific needs.

For my rental from Green Motion in London, these optional extras were charged at:

👉GPS Rental: $17.82 rental period
👉Additional Drivers: $12.73 rental period
👉Baby seat (0-13 kg): $16.55 rental period
👉Booster seat (15-45 kg): $16.55 rental period

Grace Period

Most rental companies will usually allow a buffer of about an hour or two without extra costs. Beyond that, if you return your car late, they might charge you for an extra day’s rental along with a fee for the delayed drop-off.

Again, these vary from company to company and so it’s your responsibility to ensure you are aware of all the additional fees.

Pro Tip: If you’re unable to bring back your car at the agreed time make sure you let the car rental supplier know asap. 

Age Of Driver

Age can impact the cost of car rentals due to varying policies. If you’re over 70, a senior driver fee might apply, while those under 25 could face a young driver fee. 

The permitted rental age varies by location, some places allow rentals at 18, others at 21, and more require higher ages. To know the specifics, simply enter your age during the search to discover the policies that apply when you pick up the car.

Pick Up/Drop Off Location

Renting a car at one location and dropping it off at another (one-way rental) might lead to extra charges. These fees account for logistics, such as returning the vehicle to its original location or repositioning it.

However, sometimes there is no additional fee. The good thing with Discover Cars is that this fee is automatically added to your cost of rental; so you don’t need to worry about selecting the item, missing it and incurring additional fees!


Depending on your nationality and the country you’re renting in, some rental companies might impose additional fees. These could be due to varying insurance regulations, driving requirements, or administrative processes.


While some level of insurance is often included (check rental documents), opting for additional coverage or not having the right kind of insurance can lead to extra charges. 

On top of that, some companies might require you to purchase their insurance package, resulting in additional fees – but not if you’ve already purchased Discover Cars full coverage.

That’s why we love the Full Coverage from Discover Cars. You don’t have to worry about additional fees and you’re going to be fully covered!

How To Avoid Additional Fees

Avoiding additional fees when renting a car is a smart move! So, I thought some handy tips to help you keep those extra costs at bay would be a great idea. 

These savvy tips will help you navigate the car rental world like a pro, steering clear of unnecessary fees, and enjoying a stress-free journey! 

Book Your Rental Car With Full Coverage

First and foremost, opting for full coverage insurance with Discover Cars is a brilliant idea. It’s going to provide you with peace of mind and protection against unexpected expenses. 

For less than $10/day, you’ll be covered for damages and expenses up to $3300.00 so you won’t have to worry about any surprises.

“Excellent best deal brokerage for a month-long trip in Australia. Took full cover – good job as a windscreen chip cost £715 for replacement. Claim approved with no fuss” .

AG (from Trustpilot)

Always Take Pictures Of The Car

Before hitting the road, snap some photos of the car from all angles. I always take one of each side, the back and front. If your car has any marks make sure you take photos of these too.

This will serve as proof of the car’s condition before your rental period. If there are any pre-existing damages, you won’t be held responsible for them when returning the car.

My rental review of the MG3 from Discover Cars, make sure oyu check the rims!

Pro Tip: With rental cars, I always find the rims will be covered in scratches, make sure you get clear photos of the wheels!

Condition Of Rental Car

Understand the expectations for returning the car in terms of cleanliness. Note any pre-existing damage on the rental agreement to avoid being held responsible.

Before leaving, check the condition of the rental car. This is the perfect opportunity to take photos (as mentioned above) and make sure all existing damages are properly documented by the rental company BEFORE YOUR LEAVE.

My rental review of the MG3 from Discover Cars; make sure you pick up the car is fully cleaned!

Millage & Fuel Policy 

If you’ll be driving significant distances, definitely pay attention to the mileage policy of the car you choose. With Discover Cars, it’s super easy to find out how much mileage your allocated and what the fuel policy is.

The maximum mileage will show up on the search results alongside your fuel policy, generally, it’s “same to same”. So, if your tank is half-full when you pick it up, you must return it half-full.

In some instances, your mileage might be unlimited, in other cases you will get a fixed distance, for example, 100 miles a day.

Understanding your mileage limits and fuel policy and making sure you don’t exceed them will ensure you don’t incur additional fees.

Read Online Reviews On The Rental Company

Knowledge is power! Check out reviews and ratings of the rental company you’re considering from different resources, such as Trustpilot. Doing so helps you figure out their reliability, customer service, and any potential issues with additional fees. 

Discover Cars’ user reviews will also help provide you with valuable insights for a smooth rental experience and is definitely your first port of call.

Drive Sensibly 

Responsible driving not only ensures your safety but also reduces the chances of incurring additional costs for repairs or penalties. Treat your rental car with care, and it will treat you well in return.

Discover Cars Reviews

It’s important to check reviews from external sources alongside internal reviews when using any company. Luckily, I’ve gathered the latest data from reputable review companies, such as Trustpilot, and laid it out nicely for you to digest.

Excellent company for car hire and highly recommended. They truly offered the best value on price in comparison to competitors. Booking was easy and fast and deposit was easy to pay. The whole service from start to finish was excellent. We will use Discover Cars again”.

Liam Wohlgemuth (from Trustpilot)

Very easy and understandable to book a rental car. Conditions clearly shown. Good start of the holidays. Made other car bookings on other sites, but this one was by far the easiest.

Letitia (from Review Centre)

Alma Car representatives were very friendly and helpfully. Even our mistake with place where car had to be taken they did all from their side to resolve problem quickly and professionally. Car was nice, all worked correctly. At the end of renting period all formalities were quickly and in nice atmosphere

Amadeusz Kusz (from Google Reviews)

FAQs: Discover Cars Rental Review

Can Discover Cars Be Trusted?

Absolutely! Discover Cars is a trustworthy and reliable car rental platform. With a solid reputation since 2013, they have been providing rental experiences to travellers around the world. Their commitment to transparency, zero hidden fees, and excellent customer service make them a trusted choice. 

Is Renting Cars With Discover Cars Affordable?

Definitely! In this review, we’ve covered how and why Discover Cars offer affordable car rental options. While they might not always be the cheapest at first glance, their transparency sets them apart. What you see is what you pay in full, without any hidden fees or surprises. Additionally, their full coverage insurance for less than $10/day is a small price to pay for added peace of mind during your journey.

How Do I Choose A Good Car Rental?

Choosing the perfect car rental is a breeze with Discover Cars! Genuine reviews from fellow travellers provide valuable insights and recommendations so I would first check these. Afterwards considering your travel needs – the number of passengers, luggage, and destinations you plan to explore will help. Additionally, clear rental details help you make informed decisions.

Is There A Grace Period For Returns?

Discover Cars understand that plans can change unexpectedly. They offer a fantastic Free Cancellation Policy with a generous 48-hour grace period. Within this window, you can adjust your reservation or cancel without any added stress. For late return, usually, 1 or two hours is given provided you contact the rental company.

Discover Cars Rental Review, Is It Trustworthy?

Based on our review, and from our own experience, Discover Cars emerges as a reliable and trustworthy option for those of you seeking car rental services. 

Their wide network of trusted suppliers, user-friendly platform, and transparent policies contribute to their overall trustworthiness. The positive user experiences and industry recognition also reinforce their credibility as a trustworthy choice for car rentals.

However, as with any service, I strongly advise you to understand their terms and conditions before making a booking! 

Discover Cars is our go-to car rental company and I hope you enjoy using them as we do!

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