Welcome, I’m Abi…

I have travelled the world, lived overseas and backpacked to a load of different countries since 2007, which was the first time I left home to go travelling.

Since then, I’ve become a travel addict and an adventure queen, and I’m also full of useful (and random) travel advice!

Along the way, I met Jack…


Who Are We? Travel Experts

We’re Jack and Abi, two travel junkies who love to explore nature and old cities. Most of the time, I live with my head in the clouds and I’m always planning a new adventure.

Jack’s the more grounded one who just happens to be an awesome cook, which is great and makes me happy as I love food! We’re always on the hunt for weird dishes to try while we’re away.

Between us, we have visited 43 countries, lived overseas and backpacked extensively. With this in mind, we have helped thousands to plan epic holidays and travel smart!

We live in Essex, England but spend months travelling and experiencing new countries around the world. A few of our favourite countries, and those we have a lot of expertise in, include Thailand, Panama and Indonesia.

About Jack and Abi 1
In Flores, before we went sailing in Komodo National Park we visited a waterfall in Labuan Bajo.

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